EXpertNPA. Network Protocol Analyzer

A simple, powerful software tool that couples with the FTB-8510 or FTB-8510B Packet Blazer to enable identification and detailed assessment of complex network problems.

Network Protocol Analyzer—EXpertNPA


  • Advanced packet capture and analysis
  • Clear analysis reporting for fast network troubleshooting

Key Features and Benefits

  • Captures, filters and decodes Ethernet and higher-layer traffic
  • Displays traffic statistics in a contextual way to facilitate network troubleshooting
  • Detailed user-definable reports including graphics

Networks and their related field-testing requirements are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Many service providers are offering fully managed services and require more in-depth analysis when problems occur. EXFO’s EXpertNPA Network Protocol Analyzer software is a simple and powerful tool that enables identification and detailed assessment of complex network problems.

EXpertNPA supports a wide range of key applications, including the determination of the baseline trend of network bandwidth utilization, as well as the identification of a network’s top talkers, the source and cause of broadcast storms, the source of network overload troubles, and the source of network attacks.

Key Features

  • Three-pane view displaying the frame list, complete frame decodings and Hex information
  • User-definable reports available in PDF, HTML and Excel formats
  • Detailed statistics presented in a contextual manner allowing easy network problem analysis (graphical and tabular displays)
  • Advanced, pre-configured and user-definable capture and display filters
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen-adapted interface
  • Integrated into EXFO’s portable platform, the FTB-400 Universal Test System, or installed on any Windows-based computer
  • Hundreds of protocol decodings

Accurate Network Diagnostics—The Simple Approach

For most applications, tests are performed by connecting EXpertNPA to a switch/router mirrored port in the network. Doing so allows the user to easily select the portion of the network to be analyzed. Troubleshooting can be performed on customer (LAN) or service provider (WAN) traffic.

The Powerful Packet Blazer/EXpertNPA Combination

Combining the FTB-8510 Packet Blazer Ethernet Test Module with EXpertNPA Network Protocol Analyzer software generates very powerful testing capabilities. This arms service providers with a complete tool set for turn-up and troubleshooting of Ethernet services. When used in conjunction with the Packet Blazer, EXpertNPA software enables the customer to perform deeper network traffic analysis without the need for a second test instrument.